Selling Tips


Know the Costs

There's more to selling your home than just agent's fees. So, what are the typical costs involved? We'll help you crunch the numbers, so you and your budget aren't caught out.

Price Your Property Right

Your local market, the season, and your home's unique features can all make a difference to the value of your home. We'll show you how to judge the market, pick your timing and get your price right.

Get Your Property Ready

It's not as simple as mowing the lawn and dusting off the cobwebs. Learn the 9 smart things you can do to prepare your property and maximise your sale price, without breaking the bank.

Choose a Great Agent

Teaming up with a trusted agent is the key to a stress-free sale and bumper price. We'll show what value an agent adds, how to research and interview agents, plus how to get the best from yours.

Market Your Place

What advertising tools should you use to drive the right buyers to your door? Get tips and insights to help you understand your agent's marketing plan and choose the best mix.

Negotiate the Legal Stuff

Ticking all the legal boxes can be a challenge when you're selling your home. Learn how to negotiate the basics, and how your real estate agent and legal adviser will help you get there.