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What people say about Ann Paterson Real Estate

Janet Mitchell

Ann really goes the extra mile for her clients. She has huge integrity and really cares about the people she deals with. She is ethical, compassionate and highly knowledgable in her field - in fact everything you could wish for in an agent!

- Janet Mitchell -

Lynne Van Der Poll

I knew Ann in her previous business and became reacquainted with her when I was looking for a Real Estate Agent to sell a property. I asked Ann to be my agent and I found her to be a competent professional. She is approachable, courteous and importantly completely reliable. She always acted in a timely and efficient manner. I felt comfortable with Ann in every step of the sale process. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking the service of a real estate agent

- Lynne Van Der Poll -

Oak Avenue Marketing

Ann is a fantastic real estate agent. Would highly recommend.

- Oak Avenue Marketing -

Belinda Ye

Ann's professionalism and easy going personality really assisted us in securing our investment property smoothly and efficiently. She has always made us feel more than just clients, spending time getting to know ourselves and personal situations so we could feel comfortable through the whole process. We have the greatest appreciation for the role she played in securing the property and would definitely recommend her in future!

- Belinda Ye -