Why Choose A Tree Change

Why Choose A Tree Change

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 26 Apr 2019

Why moving to the country can work no matter what your stage of life

Thinking of moving to the countryside?

Here are some reasons why it might be a great decision for your stage of life, and what to look for before taking the plunge. At Ann Paterson Real Estate, we’ve helped everyone from young families to retirees find their perfect country escape in the Southern Highlands, and we can help you as well.

Sick of grey skylines, crowded streets, and the constant noise of traffic? Why not pack it all up and move to the countryside?

“Tree changes” are increasingly popular, with young families and retirees alike looking for a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle. The price doesn't hurt, either: for the cost of an apartment or house in Sydney, you can usually buy yourself a house and garden in Mossvale with room to spread out and relax.

Here’s why a tree change might be for you.

Young Families

The urban squeeze is exciting when you’re young, salaried and fancy-free. But add a couple of children, and that cramped Elizabeth Bay apartment seems less enticing. With higher overheads and less free time, it's no wonder that young families start eyeing the countryside longingly.

For these couples, moving out to the country represents a chance at a different way of living. There are plenty of job opportunities for professionals to work from home in rural towns along the NSW coast, with the hours to more likely to be family-friendly or offer part-time opportunities. And without the cut-throat competition of the urban firm, you might even find that your career progresses faster.

More and more Australians are self-employed, freelancing, or casual workers. Part of the allure is the chance to work anywhere, any time, with technology that makes it more possible than ever before. Some couples even choose the best of both worlds: they live in the country but commute back to Sydney at regular intervals to meet with clients.


Once you no longer have to go to the office every day, the call of the countryside gets louder. Why not sell that expensive city pad and cash in for something low maintenance and lovely away from the hustle and bustle? Savor fresh mountain air, crisp sea breezes, or lush vineyard views, all for a fraction of the cost of the capital.

Small towns offer excellent lifestyle opportunities for retired or semi-retired folk. The chances are high that there’ll be many other people at the same stage of life, leading to a thriving social scene. If you’ve ever wanted to take up landscape painting or join an a cappella group, you’re likely to find one in tree change communities.

And even if the arts don't appeal, the tight-knit communities that form in rural Australia may well. The anonymity of the big city is exciting at 20, but at 70 it’s more important that you know your neighbor’s name and can feel reassured that they'll look out for you.

Whether you’re old or young, do some research into the area you’re considering for your tree change. Subscribe to the local newspaper and keep up to date with it to get an idea of what’s on in the area. Pay attention to employment opportunities, real estate adverts, and crime reports to factor those things into the decision.


If you have the time to spare, consider visiting the town in different seasons. A seaside town might be bustling in summer, but does it shut down in winter? Areas with a lot of holiday homes can be particularly deceptive, as opposed to those where most residents are permanent. Climate, too, factors in. The Blue Mountains offer cool respite in February heat, but temperatures can drop below freezing in winter, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.


If you’re dreaming of a tree change, come and have a chat with us at Ann Paterson Real Estate. We’ll recommend the right spot for your next adventure and help you find the perfect home to enjoy it in.