Getting your house ready to sell? Don’t overlook these spaces

Getting your house ready to sell? Don’t overlook these spaces

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 18 Jul 2019

Are you wondering where to spend your renovation budget before putting your home on the market? Improving your home will help maximise your chance of wooing potential buyers, but when you have limited time and budget, you need to make some important decisions on what to focus on.

One way you can decide what work you should do is by thinking about which parts of your house you might overlook but actually have the potential to make a difference to buyers. What leaves an impression on you when you inspect a house and it’s something special, versus when something’s not quite right?

Ann Paterson Real Estate specialises in offering a personal service to our sellers and are happy to offer advice on how you can improve your home ahead of the sale. Read on for our tips on the parts of your house you don’t want to overlook.

First impressions matter!

The entrance to your home might not be a room strictly speaking, but we’re starting here because it’s an important space that you don’t want to forget in the rush to remodel your kitchen. Whether it’s a hallway, a living area, a verandah or something else, this is the first place in your house that every potential buyer will see.

First impressions leave a lasting sense with potential buyers. They set the tone for the rest of the inspection, and for the decisions, potential buyers make afterwards. If you spend some time curating this experience, it can pay off in the long run.

Look with new eyes

Try walking into your house as if you are a stranger going to an inspection. Take note of everything that’s right with the space – everything that works, everything that gives you a good feeling. Importantly, also take note of everything that could be improved, everything that doesn’t quite work. Can you rearrange things a little, make small additions or put on a coat of paint to make a big difference?

Better yet, ask family or friends to do this too, especially those who haven’t been to your house before. This could be your chance to finally invite that colleague for dinner! Also, seek feedback from your agent and even a professional stylist or interior designer.

The forgotten corners

Are there any rooms or areas in your house that you’ve forgotten over the years? They probably have the potential to be livened up so that they stand out more to potential buyers. Maybe the house has an attic, a big garage or a small balcony you never use.

Use your imagination to envision what could be. All of these sorts of spaces can be transformed into kid’s play areas, entertaining spaces, comfy living areas or anything else that you can imagine.

Don't be afraid to lean on your home's location. If you're in a beachside suburb like Clovelly or Bronte, you may want to consider making one of these small corners a wet area or install an outdoor shower.

As an added bonus, once you’ve been inspired by imagining what these spaces could be, you’ll be able to use these ideas in your new home!

Improving those overlooked spaces can make a real difference to potential buyers, leaving them feeling like your house is something special. For more advice on how you can improve your home, contact us at Ann Paterson Real Estate.