Opens vs Private Appointments

Opens vs Private Appointments

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 06 Aug 2019

Open Home Vs Private Appointments

Most vendors feel uncomfortable about having strangers inspecting their homes, particularly when they can’t be there themselves during opens or private appointments.

Buyers will want to take a good look around – including opening cupboards to check storage capacity; and this can make vendors worry about their privacy and security of their possessions.

Offering inspections by private appointment only is one way of mitigating risk and increasing your comfort but it is not always smart sales strategy. There are many benefits to open inspections, so you need to discuss this with your agent and decide what suits you best.

At Ann Paterson Real Estate, we're always happy to chat with our sellers about their wants and needs. We can talk to our sellers and interested buyers about their preferences when it comes to inspections.

Here are some considerations to help you choose between opens and private appointments.

Open inspections

Opens are usually conducted on a Saturday as well as one day during the week – commonly a Wednesday or Thursday. Saturday opens are conducted during the day and midweek opens can be either during the day or in the evening. Typically, opens run for 30 minutes.

The benefits of open inspections are:

1. Opens encourage buyers to inspect your home. In today’s time-poor society, buyers prefer the opportunity to simply turn up at a pre-set time and have a look.

2. If there are many similar homes on the market, buyers might discount your property at first – purely for convenience, if they can only view it by appointment

3. Opens give your home credibility. When genuine buyers see other people at an open, it gives them confidence in your property and can prompt them to make an offer sooner to get ahead of the competition

4. Open days and times are set for the duration of the campaign, which can help you better manage your own schedule

5. There is still the opportunity for buyers to request a private appointment if they are unable to attend the opens, or want more time in your property

Private appointments

Private appointments require buyers to contact us and arrange a day and time to view your home.

The benefits of private appointments are:

1. They allow us to present your home to individual purchasers in a more customised way. We can show them how your home meets their specific needs.

2. We can focus all our time and energy on that one buyer. We can answer all their questions and offer solutions to their objections, thereby increasing engagement in your home.

3. Buyers are more likely to share information on what they are looking for and ask questions when inspecting a property on their own.

4. Your privacy is protected – no stickybeak neighbours or tyre kickers!

5. You will feel less concerned about security because we can escort the buyer through your property.


If opens are the best option for your sales campaign, there are a few things you can do to give yourself greater peace of mind on security.

Firstly, you need to take logical, common-sense precautions to prevent theft, such as putting away jewellery and other valuables in a safe place that is out of sight.

Secondly, ask for one or two extra staff to attend inspections with your agent, with each person stationed in different areas of your home to keep an eye on particular rooms while also answering buyers’ questions and making them feel welcome.

For more advice on the best ways to present your home for inspection, contact Ann Paterson Real Estate.