Here are Ann Paterson Real Estate's tips to help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of spring's opportunities.

Capitalise on the weather

Generally, spring is warm but not hot, its sunny and plants are bursting with new growth. Make this a key part of your sale strategy. Put some work into sprucing up your home for inspections. Use the weather to help buyers feel like your home is somewhere they really want to live, not just somewhere that meets their basic needs. It can be worth spending the money to consult with professional interior and exterior designers about changes you make to attract potential buyers and make them feel at home.

Make it light and bright

Open curtains and windows to let the sun and the warm air in during inspections. You might even want to make the most of the light by adding a brighter coat of paint or hanging mirrors. Mirrors are great for adding light to your home and opening spaces right up. Plant some bright spring flowers in your garden or bring potted flowers inside, and fertilise all your plants to help them really pop. Also, consider investing in some brightly coloured throw pillows, curtains and art.

Get the word out there

Since you'll be facing competition, it's worth putting in some extra effort to advertising your sale and making your home stand out from the crowd. Photos are important for attracting people to your inspection, so make sure they are high quality, taken by a professional photographer who specialises in real estate.

The more potential buyers you draw, the better your chances of getting a great result, so invest in advertising. It costs money upfront, but you could make it (and more) back in an increased sale price if done well. Use traditional methods for real estate advertising, like signage, leaflets, and advertising through your real estate agent and in the newspaper. If there are add-ons that will get you extra exposure, they might be worth considering.

It's also worth thinking about where you can list your house online. If you're on social media, share your advertisement by asking your friends to share it, while also investing in promoting your property through online property listing websites to help spread the message far and wide!

As a client focused Real Estate business, at Ann Paterson Real Estate we focus on delivering a quality, personalised service and the strategic guidance to ensure you make the most of selling your property in the spring time.