When inspecting any new property, one of the first things you should consider is the size of the property including the back and front gardens and any available storage. Ask yourself questions such as: How many bedrooms can you configure from the floor plan? Does the garage offer extra storage? Is the backyard big enough for pets? Can I seat my whole family comfortably in this living room?

Questions regarding space are particularly important to ask yourself when you are inspecting an unfurnished property. A room may look extremely spacious when empty, but end up being too small for your existing furniture when you move in.

It is also important to note the aspect of the property, particularly if you wish to cut down on your energy bills. A north facing property, or one which utilises its north facing side with large windows will bring a lot of sunlight into your home and keep your house warm, naturally.

Another important thing to look for when conducting an inspection of your desired property is hidden damage or defaults which the previous homeowners may have attempted to disguise. Don't be afraid to look underneath rugs, behind wardrobes and run your hand along newly painted walls as they may be concealing faults such as scratches, rot, or mould stains which could require mending. Check to see that the plumbing and electricity is in good working order so that they will not require costly repairs later on.

When looking for your next property, don't overlook the importance of location, especially if you are moving to a place unfamiliar to you. When deciding upon a house or apartment, ensure that you are within a comfortable travelling distance from work, schools, the gym, shops, and other key amenities.

Consider visiting the area more than once to properly gauge the mood in the neighbourhood. It might even be worth your while to take time to talk to your potential neighbours before deciding whether this area is right for you. You are also welcome to drop in to Ann Paterson Real Estate and our friendly team can answer your questions.

If you are serious about the property you are inspecting and wish to place an offer, your next step is to arrange a building inspection. A thorough building inspection will ensure that there are no hidden faults or damages such as drainage issues and termites and that any harmful substances like asbestos are identified and dealt with before you move in.

At Ann Paterson Real Estate, our knowledge of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and understanding of property inspections will put your mind at ease and help you make a stress-free decision on your next property purchase.