Environmentally Friendly Ways To Complete Your Next Spring Clean

Environmentally Friendly Ways To Complete Your Next Spring Clean

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 03 Dec 2019

It’s spring time again. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and it is time to conduct the dreaded spring clean. However arduous the task ahead of you seems, it may relieve you to know that at least there are ways to tackle your spring cleaning without harming the environment.

In Your Living Areas

The best way to begin your spring clean is to declutter your living spaces. Not only will this give you a clear head, but it will give you the space to clean your home more thoroughly. The next thing you should do is give all surfaces a good wipe down. Instead of buying a feather duster, consider repurposing old clothes and towels into cleaning rags.

If there is a particularly bad odour lingering in your home, consider a more natural method of removing it before reaching for the air freshener. One good, environmentally-friendly way to eliminate odours is to air out your house. Open all of the doors and windows and place fans strategically throughout the house for the day. To keep your home smelling nice and to maintain the air quality, place flowers or plants throughout your home.

In Your Bedroom

If your bed linen, mattress or other soft furnishings are giving off an unpleasant musty smell, just take them outside and leave them in the sun for the day. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant and removes the need for harsh chemicals in your bedroom. To brighten and deodorise soft furnishings which you cannot take outside such as your carpets, simply sprinkle over a good amount of baking soda, leave overnight to settle and then use a vacuum to remove the excess in the morning.

If pesky silverfish are your problem, consider using a natural repellant before reaching for the bug spray. To eliminate silverfish and to keep your clothes smelling lovely, simply place a cake of soap in your clothes drawers or cupboards and leave it there.

In the Kitchen

Ridding the kitchen of odoriferous smells and grime can be an unpleasant job, but it doesn’t have to require unpleasant chemical-based products. To freshen up your bench top, wipe down with tea tree oil, which acts as a natural disinfectant. If a grimy microwave or stove is your issue, simply combine baking soda with lemon juice and warm water and, using a cloth and some elbow grease, give all stains a good scrub. You will be surprised how well the citric acid in lemon juice works on tough stains.

In the Bathroom

Quite often, the bathroom is where many of us choose to clean with harsh chemicals. However, there is another solution. If you simply wish to give your toilet and hand basin a quick clean, just use a small amount of tea tree oil and wipe down. To unblock drains, combine baking soda with white vinegar and pour down the drain, leave for approximately one hour, then chase this down with a kettle full of boiling water. To thoroughly clean your toilet or shower, combine baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice and a bit of elbow grease to remove stains and soap scum.

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