Why first impressions are so important when selling

Why first impressions are so important when selling

Why first impressions are so important when selling

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 23 Jan 2020

They say that it takes you one-tenth of a second to judge and form your first impression on someone. The same applies when selling your home. First impressions always count and they certainly count when potential buyers come to view your home.

This is why 'curb appeal' matters, especially when selling your home. Here are Ann Paterson Real Estate’s tips to ensure your house makes a great first impression on potential buyers.

Get in early with photos

There are many platforms you can advertise your house with now days like websites, newspapers and agencies. No matter which option you pick, the one thing that they all have in common is that your house will be represented through a photograph. The photograph of the house will probably be the potential buyers’ first impression, so this is something that you should take time preparing.

To get some inspiration take a look at how houses are professionally advertised, look at all the photographs and notice which photos stand out to you and which don’t. With that in mind, think about how you can produce an aesthetically desirable image. If you don’t think the real estate agent’s photography is good enough for you then grab a friend who knows a thing or two about photography, that could make a difference in getting your house sold.

Jazz up the garden

Imagine that you’re the buyer, what are you going to think about this house when you walk through the front yard for the very first time? Would you even consider buying a house if you saw an unmanaged garden full of overgrowth and weeds? Simple answer, you probably wouldn’t think much of the house after seeing how the exterior has been poorly looked after.

Now, you don’t have to hire a horticulturalist to make your front yard look like something that had been taken from a glossy home magazine. A simple clean will make the exterior look like it has been properly looked after.

What does this mean though? Once again, imagine you are the buyer as you walk through your front yard, look at all the things that you think are unappealing – a creaky gate, broken fence, weeds growing through the cracked pavement. There are so many little things that could turn off potential buyers, so it’s best to go through and fix those little things up.

Minimise and depersonalise

A quick walk through the estate is the best way for you to observe and pick out anything that makes the place look cluttered. It’s not good enough just to make your house look neat and presentable to prospects, it’s also a very good idea to depersonalise your entire house.

You want to make it easier for the potential buyers to see themselves in this house. You should remove any clutter and just about anything that could get in the way of the buyers’ imagination. Keep the look neutral and minimal, this gives buyers some room for them to imagine how this house could be theirs.

Ann Paterson Real Estate’s goal is to always to be there every step of the way including preparing your home for inspections.