How To Put Your Property On The Market

How To Put Your Property On The Market

How To Put Your Property On The Market

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 20 Feb 2020

How To Put Your Property On The Market

If you are looking to sell your property, here are Ann Paterson Real Estate’s guide to help ensure that your marketing campaign leads to a successful sale:

Quality photos

If you are looking to sell your property then it is imperative to secure the services of a professional photographer to take photographs of the property.

Have the photographer shoot at the right time of day, when the sunlight hits your property best. Remember to tidy up the house and garden and move your cars from the driveway to ensure there are no distractions in the photos. Having professional photographs of your property will further entice potential buyers to look at your property listing online.

When listing your property online, ensure that there are numerous photographs of both the interior and the exterior. If you exclude any significant areas of the property in the photographs then you will leave potential buyers with a sense that there may be something wrong with the property. You could also ask your agent to arrange for a virtual tour or video tour of the property to be created, and making sure it is advertised to further entice buyers and make the property seem more exclusive.

Make your property visible

With so most buyers researching online, it is important you also advertise your property online. Choose popular websites that attract many visitors and therefore potential buyers.

Remember, the more information you put into your listings, the more likely people will engage with your ad. In order to make your property visible, offline, put up a for-sale sign in front of your property with a few well-chosen photographs of the property and a short catchy description. Also, consider letterbox drops. If you are going to have an open house then put the dates on your ads, board and leaflets so that people are aware of them.

Make yourself contactable

Make the experience that potential buyers have with you a stress-free and enjoyable one. Make it easy for people to contact you or your agent by placing phone numbers, emails and in-person meeting availabilities on your online advertising as well as in flyers and on the for-sale sign outside your house. Making yourself contactable also means making your open house inspection times convenient for potential buyers. Host property inspections on the weekend or in the evenings after work and have multiple throughout the week so that people have ample opportunity to come and inspect the property if they are interested.

Timing is key

If you have the luxury of time then it may be worthwhile for you to choose to sell your property at a time when the market is in a boom and when properties similar to yours in the same area are in high demand. When the property market is up, there are more buyers around leading to an increase in competition and a potentially significant increase in sale price for you.

Marketing your property on your own can be a daunting and difficult process. Ann Paterson Real Estate is a client focused Real Estate business providing personalised individual customer experience and service to the vendor, investor or buyer. Our team of expert professionals understand the complexities of marketing a property for sale and will ensure the best outcome for your property.