Getting Your Rental Bond Back

Getting Your Rental Bond Back

Getting Your Rental Bond Back

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 20 Feb 2020

Getting Your Rental Bond Back

Have you recently decided to end your tenancy? Remember that you can reclaim your bond before handing back your keys. This is the money you’ve paid at the beginning of your tenancy to secure your rental property. Here is Ann Paterson Real Estate’s guide to what you need to know about claiming back your rental bond.

1. The final inspection

It is important to meet your landlord’s expectation at the final inspection. You can achieve this by cleaning and maintaining the rental property from the get-go. If this is not something you are willing to do alone, hire a professional cleaner to help. The rental property will need to be pristine, minus the fair wear and tear. These may include:

● Furniture indents and traffic marks on the carpet;
● Worn kitchen benchtops; and
● Cracks in walls from movement etc.

Also, check the details of your tenancy agreement beforehand. This will ensure you have followed your obligations and if you require further guidance refer to the condition report and photos taken before you to move in.

After completing this, call your real estate agent to arrange a mutual time for the final inspection. This will allow both of you to assess the property for damage or further cleaning. During this time, you will receive the final condition report and if your landlord is happy, you may claim a full refund of your bond.

2. Claims against your bond

In some situations, the landlord will deny your bond. This may occur when:

● There is an arrear on rent or water usage bill;
● Breaking the lease before the end of the agreement and a fee has not been paid;
● Extra copies of keys are not given back or the locks needed to be changed;
● If the damage was caused to the property or if you left it in an unreasonably clean condition compared to the condition report etc.

If this occurs, it is important to read up on your rights as a tenant. The laws will vary from state to state but it may still be possible to recover your bond. The best way to get your bond back is to maintain your rental property from the moment you move in. Make sure you follow your rental agreement and keep an up to date record of the property condition. If all else fails, remember you still have rights as a Tenant.

With a professional agent like Ann Paterson Real Estate looking after your biggest asset or helping with your living arrangements, the experience for you the vendor, buyer or investor will be one of respect that is conducted in a professional manner.