Ann Paterson has adapted its selling processes quickly following the ban on open inspections and on-site auctions to enable Eastern Suburbs buyers and sellers to continue transacting during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ann Paterson answers the most common questions from sellers here.


Can I meet with you?


Yes, we would love to meet with you at our offices or at your home for an appraisal or discussion, as long as we adhere to social distancing rules (keeping a 1.5m distance). However, if you’d prefer a video call, we can always talk via Skype, Zoom or Facetime instead. 


How will house inspections work?


Instead of open inspections, we are conducting private appointments with buyers. We offer them sanitiser and gloves at the door and we ask them not to touch surfaces or handles in your home.

How do digital inspections work?


We are able to set up virtual tours of your property so potential buyers can do a digital inspection. These can be conducted in a number of ways. We can film a 3D walk-through of your property and present it next to your photos in your online ads. We can also send it to buyers via email or upload it to a streaming service such as YouTube or Facebook.

Another form of digital inspection is live streaming. We can come to your home and talk to a prospective buyer on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, showing them each room and pointing out all the unique features of your home. We can also answer their questions immediately.


Should I avoid auctions and stick with a private sale?


Not necessarily! An online auction operates under the same rules as an on-site auction, except it is conducted via live streaming. If the auction method is the best way to market your particular property, Ann Paterson recommends using this new technology with confidence.

How it works is we will send buyers a link to the online auction platform we choose for your home and they will be able to register ahead of time. To bid, buyers must submit their ID and credit card details and be approved by us. Once approved, the platform will put a hold on their credit card. When the auction begins, buyers will place their bids online or via phone. The auctioneer will call the auction from your property or our office. Buyers will be able to see the auctioneer on video and can bid with the click of a few buttons.


How will I get the paperwork done?


Many conveyancers offer their services via email, phone and video call. Contracts can be sent via email and signed electronically using eSignatures or a platform such as DocuSign. 


Will the value of my property be affected by Covid-19?


This is tough to answer. Covid-19 is a once-in-a-lifetime event so we have no historical reference to draw upon. However, we do know that residential property is far less volatile than the share market and prices move at a much slower pace. Rock bottom interest rates will help keep prices stable, however, we are yet to see the impact of rising unemployment. If this forces people to sell, supply could begin to outweigh demand and this would create a buyers' market. We don't know as yet whether the JobSeeker and JobKeeper programs will be enough to stop forced selling. The Eastern Suburbs area is well placed to weather this storm though, given it is one of the most desirable and affluent property markets in Sydney.


I've sold my property, can I still hire a removalist?


Yes, removalists are considered an essential service. Ask your removalist what they are doing to ensure adequate social distancing and hygiene during your move, especially if they are packing your boxes for you.

If you have any other questions about buying or selling during Covid-19, please don't hesitate to call Ann Paterson Real Estate today.