1. Identify your USP

To do this, ask yourself questions like:

- What does my home have that others don't? What's special about my home?
- What attracted me to my home when I bought it?
- What comments have friends and family made about my home?
- How does my home compare to others on the market?

Questions like these will help you hone in on your USP. Answers might include the condition of your home, the design or the location.

On top of this, it is important to talk to your agent. Throw your ideas out there and see what your agent’s perspective is on why your home is special and what will attract buyers.


2. Maximise your USP through advertising

Once you have identified your USP, you will want to make it a prominent part of all your advertising material. You can do this with a combination of images and words. Think about the eye-catching signage and online advertisements you have seen, with high-quality professional photographs and bullet points highlighting property features that give you a snapshot of the home.


3. Make your USP pop during inspections

If your USP is something that is visible during inspections, you will want to really make it pop. For example, if your USP is the condition or the design of your home, bring in a professional interior designer to style your home before inspections begin.

For USPs that are not as visible, such as location, your agent should highlight them to all potential buyers. For example, they can point out how close it is to standout features of the area.

4. Turn interest into action


Ann Paterson Real Estate knows how to use your USP to turn interest into action among buyers. Our team of expert professionals work with buyers on an individual basis to maximise engagement and competition for your home. Let us manage the process to ensure the best possible sale price for you.