The Benefits of Living Small: Why it’s Worth Considering Buying a Small Home

The Benefits of Living Small: Why it’s Worth Considering Buying a Small Home

The Benefits of Living Small: Why it’s Worth Considering Buying a Small Home

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 29 Jun 2020

Sometimes when you’re buying a home, you think you may as well go as big as you can. After all, this means lots of room for family and guests, and not having to stress about holding on to all that clutter that inevitably builds up over the years. But there is a flipside. Ann Paterson Real Estate lists the 6 big advantages of buying small in the Southern Highlands.


1. Smaller means simpler

Buying a small home means simplifying your life. In today’s complex world, where we face so many demands on our time every day, simplifying your home allows you to focus on what really matters to you.


2. Less maintenance

There’s less to clean, less that will degrade over time and less that can go wrong. This means you’ll have more time and less to worry about in the short term, and face a lower likelihood of having to do any major work on your property in the longer term.


3. Lower cost of living

Less maintenance also means you’ll be spending less to maintain your property. On top of this, you’ll have cost reductions in many other areas, such as energy and furnishing. This means lower costs of living day-to-day and potentially significantly increasing your savings in the long term.


4. Cut back on size, indulge in quality

Decreasing the size of the home you’re looking for can open up opportunities to indulge in quality while still staying within your budget. You might be able to find a home that’s small, but which is newer, newly renovated or has higher quality features.


5. Living a cosy life

Small homes are cosy. A quick web search shows beautiful scenes of cosy living that give a deep sense of warmth and comfort, which can make your home a great refuge from the outside world.


6. Living a convenient life

Downsizing could mean that you’ll be able to buy your home somewhere more convenient. It might be closer to shops and restaurants and a shorter commute to work so that you’re saving time every day.

When choosing what home to buy, you’ll need to weigh up your own personal priorities so that you’re clear on what you want and what you need. Ann Paterson Real Estate offers unrivalled client-focused service and can guide you through the buying process every step of the way.