Why You Shouldn't Always Believe The Media

Why You Shouldn't Always Believe The Media

Why You Shouldn't Always Believe The Media

POSTED BY Ann Paterson ON 29 Jun 2020

While we trust the media to bring us up-to-date on everything from current affairs to entertainment, it can sometimes get a little carried away when it comes to property.


The media often takes one of just two views. Either the market is booming with mind-blowing sales, or it’s slumping towards a crisis point that is set to derail the economy.

In other words, the media can tend to exaggerate the facts and cherry-pick data to sensationalise what’s actually happening in the property market.


It’s not just the media that does this, though. Property reports that are highly publicised often present data in a way that shocks and awes us into thinking it’s a good or bad time to buy.

If you’ve read tens of articles and watched a number of news bulletins offering conflicting voices and ideas, it can become extremely overwhelming.


Make sure to do your research to figure out which news outlets you can trust and which property reports are the most transparent and balanced.


Talking to experts in the field is a great way to decipher what’s actually happening. For a comprehensive overview on trends across the Eastern Suburbs, feel free to contact the Ann Paterson team today.

We're out there every day talking to buyers and selling for our clients, so we know exactly what's happening in your local area.


There is a significant distinction between information and data in media reports, which are usually citywide and encompass hundreds of different suburban areas; and specific information on the Eastern Suburbs market that we can provide directly to you.